How are you influenced?

There are many influences and how you might react or use them. Are you influential ore are you someone to be influenced. Influence varies in strength between different people.

Influence is too vast too define but getting a vague sense of your awareness may help you mature, or may help you understand your own self. This quiz is not specific or accurate.

Created by: amazon

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  1. Do you listen and take action to the advice of others?
  2. Will you do almost any dare?
  3. Do you strive to be normal?
  4. Is honesty the best policy?
  5. Which is most like you?
  6. Do you keep secrets?
  7. Would you say you are idividual or original as a person?
  8. Do you think you are easily influenced? Answer which is most true to you.
  9. How often do you believe a rumour?
  10. Which of these is most true to you?

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Quiz topic: How am I influenced?