How brain washed are you?

These days, everyone has turned to a path and gone down their own direction. But how much of this choice has been influenced by society? By brainwashing? Quizzes these days just aren't the same as they used to be.

How much are you effected by society's brainwashing? A large amount, a medium amount, by no amount at all? Find out now, and answer some controversial questions in the process.

Created by: wonders23

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  1. Do you honestly deep down in your heart believe there is an invisible guy that lives in the sky?
  2. How long ago was the earth created?
  3. How was the earth created?
  4. Do you ever gather at a building and worship this invisible man in the sky?
  5. Do you ever read the bible?
  6. If god is all good, how come he fills the world with suffering?
  7. If god wants the best for everyone, how come some people go to hell?
  8. In heaven, wouldn't you feel guilty spending an eternity in paradise, while others spend an eternity burning in hell?
  9. If one of god's teachings is to love thy enemy, how come he damns his enemies to hell?
  10. If one of god's teachings is to love thy neighbor, how come we are only aloud to worship him?
  11. Doesn't Darwin's' discovery of evolution completely rule out the possibility of any god?
  12. If god loved us, why would he drown the whole planet and only save 5 people and some animals?
  13. If god loves everyone, why doesn't he just bring them back to life when they die like he did with Jesus? If he loves us, why do we even die?
  14. If god is all powerful, don't you think he would be a little better at gathering followers? The whole existence of this quiz contradicts the existence of god.
  15. Why do you believe in god?
  16. Do you truly believe man came from a pile of dirt, and women came from a rib taken from this dirt man?
  17. If god really exists, why wouldn't he just tell everyone and end this argument?
  18. If god really exists, how come people who claim to have seen him are thrown in the looney house?
  19. Are you aware that thousands of years ago, a large number of people believed a bunch of gods sat on a mountain in greece? Why is this idea now called Greek MYTHOLOGY? Why isn't todays current belief of god not called mythology?
  20. If we actually had proof in god, wouldn't we call it the "science of god" and not the "faith of god?"
  21. If god truly exists, why don't we all just gather around and pray for world peace? Surely god would hear and answer the one prayer of so many people, right?
  22. What did you think of this quiz?
  23. What was up with the grilled cheese? (effects score)

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Quiz topic: How brain washed am I?