Which Side of your Brain Do You Use?

There are many right sided brain people, but few left side brain. A left sided brain is more of a math and science person and the right sided brain is more creative and uses imaganation. As for the left they use logic.

Have you ever wondered which portion of your brain is the dominant one? Do you use your right or left side of the brain? Do you use logic or imagination? Take this quiz to see if you use your left side brain or right sided brain.

Created by: Crystal
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  1. Do you like Cats or Dogs?
  2. When taking a test, which style of questions do you prefer?
  3. Is it easier for you to remember people's names or to remember people's faces?
  4. Do you like working alone or with a group?
  5. Which subject do you perfer more?
  6. Do you understand the phrase "Life is just a bowl of cherries"?
  7. T/F: To find a lost item, I try to picture it in my head where I last saw it
  8. Do you lose track of time?
  9. Do you keep a journal to record your thoughts?
  10. Do you have a To Do List?
  11. T/F: If someone asks you a question, you turn your head to the right.
  12. Are you good or bad at writing stories?
  13. Are you good with numbers?
  14. Are you good at word puzzles?
  15. Which one of these activtes do you perfer?
  16. Do you perfer Classical music or Popular music?
  17. Do you often have hunches? (listen to your gut)
  18. When you have hunches, do you follow them?
  19. Do you feel more comfortable saying/doing funny things or saying/doing well-reasoned things?
  20. Do you like rock music?
  21. Do you need complete quietness to read or study.
  22. Are you organized?
  23. Do you enjoy non-fiction or fiction books?
  24. T/F: When I forget someone's name, I go through the alphabet until I remember it.
  25. Are you good at spelling?
  26. T/F: The things that I have specifically studied are the only things that I will usually remember.

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Quiz topic: Which Side of my Brain do I Use?