Do you know what these words mean?

Here are some words. I needed to make a quiz and words are cool. So please take them. And my quiz. I'd really appreciate it. I have nothing else to say so I'm filling the bottom part with emojis.

Well I was going to but then it said it was gibberish. Emojis aren't gibberish! I had the new stag one there like 5 times. I think that was a valuable addition to the site. GTQ Guy is mean.

Created by: amazon

  1. I'll give you a word, and a few different definitions. No cheating!
  2. australopithecine
  3. overmorrow
  4. divagate
  5. ineffable
  6. fuscuous
  7. habile
  8. hallux
  9. rubricate
  10. zoolatry
  11. Thanks!

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Quiz topic: Do I know what these words mean?