Do you know Doodle Max Teddy?

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  1. What is his fur color?
  2. What does his Shirt say?
  3. What is his Signature Pose?
  4. Does he have a nose?
  5. Who is his best friend?
  6. What is his nickname?
  7. Which month is his birthday
  8. What grade is he in?
  9. What was his previous name?
  10. What is his band called?
  11. How many open stitches does he have?
  12. What is the name of his Sweet Shop?
  13. What do his feet say?
  14. What is his twin Brother's name?
  15. Where is his Blue-Mark located
  16. Where does he live?
  17. What is he best at?
  18. Where is his Black Mark?
  19. What is his favorite Video Game?
  20. LAST QUESTION: What sport is he best at?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Doodle Max Teddy?