caterbury quiz for english

We have been studing the Caterbury tales. This is a fun way to connect ourselves to the character. We all have seen ourselves in these characters or at least someone we know.

Who are you most associated with...the miller, the wife of bath, or the pardoner? Everyone knows someone like these three. I wonder if we see ourselves the same way others do??

Created by: amazon

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  1. Are you attracted to people who are all wrong for you?
  2. Do you regualarly attend church on Sunday, but during the week disregard what you learned on Sunday?
  3. Do you slack off at work and allow others to cover for you?
  4. Do you enjoy drinking after work?
  5. Do you cuss and swear on a daily basis as part of your normal language pattern?
  6. Do you often fight with your lover and then have great make up sex?
  7. Do you like to give your opinion to people even when they dont ask for it?
  8. Does your idea of dressing up or formal attire include blue jeans?
  9. Do you look down on those who have less than you?
  10. Do you read "Playboy" or a magazine similar to it?

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