Which character from "The Revenant" are you?

In "The Revenant", author Elise Abram's new YA paranormal novel, Zulu the Revenant, Kat the Empath and Morgan the Seer enlist Father Paul to fight necromancer Malchus's zombie minions.

Which character from "The Revenant" are you? Now you can find out the answer to this burning question and get a feel for what "The Revenant" is about by taking this awesome quiz!

Created by: amazon of Elise Abram
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  1. When you see a person in trouble you
  2. When you are injured you
  3. You learn someone's raising the dead in the city of Toronto. You
  4. You learn Malchus, the Seer's brother, is in possession of an innocent's body. You
  5. You are given a bunny as a gift. You
  6. You are approached by a strange boy outside of a church. You
  7. You feel most at home
  8. Someone offers you coffee and a doughnut. You
  9. You detect someone without an aura in Yonge-Dundas Square. You
  10. You find yourself in the midst of a battle between good and evil. You

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Quiz topic: Which character from "The Revenant" am I?