Are u a Bieber Fever Fan?

There are very smart people but there are only a couple qenius. a genius is a person who knows a lot of the subject you are talking about like i am talking about justin bieber and they can solve my quiz

If you think you are a genius then try my guiz and try to get 100% if you got a 100% that means you are a genius and im glad you past i think justin biebr is good subject to write aboue.

Created by: amazon

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  1. what is justin biebers favorite color?
  2. How old is justin bieber right now?
  3. What is justin biebrs Middle name?
  4. when was justin biebr born ?
  5. Does justin have a dad?
  6. who is justin biebers manager?
  7. how many Girlfriends has justin had?
  8. What country was justin biebr born?
  9. Is he claustrophobic?
  10. What i sjustin biebrs favorite number?

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