The Justin Bieber Quiz

My name is Jamielee and i made this quiz because i truly have bieber fever+/love and you should consider on taking this quiz because this is the best one there is in this world...!!! x

Do you have bieber fever try and you will find out but be careful there is lots of trick questions so if you get them right feel privileged that you made it all the way to the top...!!!;) x

Created by: jamielee

  1. What is Justin's favourite famous person
  2. What is Pattie's last name ??
  3. What was the name of Justin's first single called ?
  4. When was Justin born ?
  5. What was the name of Justin's first album ?
  6. What is Justin's middle name ?
  7. What does he look for in GIRLS ?
  8. what is his new song ?
  9. What does Justin love doing most ?
  10. How did Justin get discovered ?

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