Are you annoying

There are many annoying people in the world. They are refered to in numerous ways, dick head, knob, douch, to point out just a few. It is these poeple that bring others down, and end up with no friends.

Do you want be one of these people? What if you're one already?! take this test to discover your level of annoyingness, and enable youself the chance to change and become a nice person.

Created by: amazon of annoying
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  1. Do you like to eat?
  2. Do you like school?
  3. Would you help a firend in need, even if it effected you negativly?
  4. Do you try and make ammends when you fall out with friends?
  5. Lets put you in a situation. Say you were in class bu the teacher hadn't arrived. Would you go and get the teacher, or shut the door and keep quiet?
  6. Would you prefer to shop alone, or go to the beach with frinds
  7. what would you think if you saw a pregnant 14 year old walk past you?
  8. do you ever such up to your teachers to get higher marks?
  9. Do you ever laugh at what people are wearing?
  10. last question, do you ever use people?

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