How annoying are you on Facebook?

There are some people on your facebook friends list that are are great people and some that truly annoy the crap out of you. They constantly post garbage and are generally damned annoying.

Are you one of those annoying people who are probably blocked by all their friends and acquaintances because they thrive on attention and even though they have over 400 friends, none of them really like you?

Created by: Julian Pickering

  1. Do you post pictures of your food?
  2. Have you ever called people 'hun'?
  3. Have you ever posted a vague status such as 'annoyed' or 'pissed off' in the hope that someone will give you the attention you are seeking?
  4. Do you post pictures of your pet or pets regularly.
  5. Do you post updates from the gym/swimming pool/ jogging etc?
  6. Have you ever shared a post because it has said that doing so will bring you money?
  7. Do you regularly post pictures of semi-naked men or women to your wall?
  8. Do you regularly(almost a daily basis) post pictures of your baby/children to your wall?
  9. Do you use text-speak on facebook?
  10. Do you regularly go on about how fantastic your partner is and how much you love each other?

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I on Facebook?