Which Zombie Pokemon are you?

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Zombies and Pokemon who doesn't like zombies, and Pokemon? I had revelation in my head. What if I made a quiz? I was like 'best idea ever'. Pokemon has been around for generations. Zombies have been going since the '60s. We live in a world where Pokemon and Zombies should go hand in hand. That is the next step.

I had a dream. Cause I'm black. Just kidding. But seriously; there was a vision [Pokemon and Zombies]. An idea I thought that was so realistic that no, no no! It can't be! It would never happen! But then I was like 'Wait! I found a cure! I found the answers to life's problems!' Then I made this quiz. The end.

Created by: amazon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You crave Braaaaaaaains!
  2. Are you a loner Zombie?
  3. What element are you?
  4. Are you a savage Zombie that is very hard to kill?
  5. Which pokemon do you prefer?
  6. Which Zombie are you from left 4 dead?
  7. What motivates you to kill humans as Zombie.
  8. Fill in the blank that would best fit you as a zombie Pokemon. "Gotta ____ them all"
  9. Do you think we would survive if this ever happened!
  10. Which Pokemon would you prefer to kill you?
  11. Did you enjoy my first quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Zombie Pokemon am I?