What pokemon are you?

There are many pokemon quizes and i know that from experience.So i decided to make one cause they are fun and something to do when you are playing pokemon with friends or by yourself

Do you think you can get an answer of 1 of 3 starters or 1 of 3 legendarie pokemon and sorry for adding 2 of the same pokemon on the quiz you are about to take.

Created by: gavin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favorite color
  2. have you ever got srtait As in school?
  3. have you ever played a pokemon game in your life?
  4. what your favorite pokemon reigon
  5. why are you takeing this quiz
  6. have you ever had a dream where your friends and family are pokemon
  7. if you were faced with the classic which wire do u cut red or blue
  8. if you were a pokemon tranier would you do contest or gym battles
  9. do u play pokemon games online like pokemon crater and such
  10. if you play pokemon games like pokemon crater pokemon lake pokemon indago pokemon volcano pokemon league or any pokemon game shoot me and email and tell your username and my email is bulldogfan28 at gmail.com and if you dont have an email go on gmail and get one it takes 2 minutes
  11. do you love pokemon

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Quiz topic: What pokemon am I?