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Pokemon is a very broad word. What is Pokemon? Pokemon is an anime created by the Japanese so kids can have fun on Sundays. Pokemon is a video game, trading card game, and TV Show that I DON'T OWN!!!!

Do YOU know a lot about pokemon and awesomeness? Try this quiz! If you score well, then you do know a lot about pokemon. If not, Oh well. Good Luck!!!

Created by: Sarah
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  1. What Color is Celebi?
  2. What is Ho-Oh?
  3. What type is Mew?
  4. Who is Red's Partner Pokemon?
  5. What color is Seel?
  6. What is so strange about Ash Ketchum?
  7. ...
  8. Was the last question uncalled for?
  9. Ok, Back to pokemon. Who are the Kanto Starters?
  10. Is this quiz Awesome?

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