How well can you translate equations

There are many people good im math but few are mathematicians.Many ask who is a mathematician?A mathematician is an expert in math who is extremely good in math and know almost if not everything in math.

Are you a mathematician?do you have the skill knowledge and expertise to qualify for this prestigious title?until now you could only wonder but thanks to this quiz u will find out in just a few minutes

Created by: amazon

  1. Translate the equation the sum of 10 and 15
  2. Translate the negative difference b/w 15 and 25
  3. Translate the division of 100 by 10
  4. Translate the negative difference b/w 4 and 6
  5. Translate the positive difference b/w 2 and 3
  6. Translate the sum of 6 and 8
  7. Translate the division of 50 by 25
  8. What did u notice about the last question
  9. What did u notice about the last question
  10. Do u like this quiz
  11. Would u take more quizzes created by me

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Quiz topic: How well can I translate equations