Am I Getting Too Fat?

This extremely accurate quiz will translate your feelings and facts to determine how fat you really are, and tell you if you are too fat. I will give you some tips about your result.

So, are you overweight? Underweight? Average? Losing? Gaining? Take this quiz (and many more) from me, The Fat Quiz Creator. I make plenty of quizzes, polls, and surveys, just for you!

Created by: The Fat Quiz Creator
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  1. First let me ask some basic questions. What do you weigh?
  2. Be honest; Do most people think you are fat?
  3. Stand up, look down. Can you see your feet?
  4. Do you think you are fat?
  5. If someone thinner than you complains they are fat, you
  6. Imagine you go on a diet, but 1 week later, you are fatter than before the diet. You
  7. Have you ever taken a Fat Quiz before?
  8. Imagine you meet a genie, and a consequence for a wish is that you have to gain at least 10pounds per wish. You have to make at least 1wish. How many wishes do you make, and how much are you willing to gain for each one? (More wishes = more weight)
  9. Do you want to be fat?
  10. Do you FEEL fat? (not are you fat, but do you think you are fat inside, no matter your appearance).

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