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  • Morbidly Obese 85%

    Your a way way way too big. Right now, like now go start a diet plan and call up a doctor for some tips. You are really close to being bed bound. And now your life has been shorted by at least 5 years. Go join a weight losing program and you'll be ready to go! Have a nice day! :)

    79% Obese
    51% Really starting to get big
    29% Overweight
    10% You are underweight.
    10% Perfect!
    8% You are way too underweight!
    5% Close to overweight.
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    Thanks For Visiting!

    Thank you so much for taking the ultimate weight quiz. It was so kind of you for choosing this very quiz. I hope your result was perfect, if it isn't and was overweight or bigger. Try losing a few pounds. Have a great day! :)

    "The Ultimate How Fat are You Quiz - Very Accurate" was created by RMQV33281

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    Sws 221
  • Am I Getting Too Fat?
    Your Result: You Need To Lose Weight 88%

    You are too fat. You need to consider going on a diet to start losing weight. If you don't, you will only get fatter. So, just eat healthier and exercise regularly. It could take a while, but soon you will be on your way to being thin.

    7% You Are Fine
    0% You Need to

    Shayne W Shay
  • You Need To Lose Weight 95%

    You are too fat. You need to consider going on a diet to start losing weight. If you don't, you will only get fatter. So, just eat healthier and exercise regularly. It could take a while, but soon you will be on your way to being thin

    Sws 221
  • Do you think im fat if i am 12 years old and 8st 11lbs? My parents have put me on a strict diet of 2 meals a day. My friends like to call me fatty and podge-podge. I have 3 belly rolls when i sit down. My bmi says im overweight/obese.

    • I think you are overweight but if u feel like you are happy and want to gain more then go ahead! Im 15 yo and i weigh just over 200bs, and i love the way my stomach folds over the top of my jeans and the feeling of warmth when my stomach curls into 5 or 6 massive fat rolls. I like it when u r in public and a button pops and your stomach seeps out but you just keep walking, aware that everyone is staring at your massive belly as it flops about in its fatty glory. If u wanna be fat be fat and see how long it takes u to not be able to get your hands around your stomach! Im so close to not being able to touch them and im proud! My friemds like to touch my belly and jiggle it, so i let them. Its really cool when they do that. I domt have to do pe either. Best experience is the fat experience!

    • Your not fat I'm 13 5,10 and weigh 210 pounds you are fine the way you are.

    • I dream of being 2000 pounds and beating the highest weight. I hope all my buttons and zippers pop soon and that I get a huge muffin top and that soon I cant walk.

      obese olivia
  • I got 85%

    I am a big girl and all my friends love to pick on me and touch my belly because it jiggles. I've got a muffin top that I hate. My ex boyfriend loves my love handles

  • I got 98% fat. I have a big belly and its getting bigger every day.

    Its so cool when I jiggle and my friends make fun of my big belly when we go to the beach.

  • I am not fat now, but I think I will be a fatty in a few years. I'd love to say I'm not worried, but I gotta say I'm excited that i'm getting fat....

    • Being fat is glorious!!!!!! I love the way my double belly folds and the way my jeans rips after a good meal. My SO looks after me so well and we have a room downstairs just for feeding. Its has a machine and I love my growth. I am 493 pounds today and growing more

    • Im 15 and nearly 200lbs. When my button pops i like it coz then you dint have to suck in and you can just let everbody stare at your humungus belly as it seeps over your jeans, touches your thighs and rips off another button and another until there is only one bytton left and everyone can see stretch marks and flab, thats it.

  • I got 82%

    I am 15 and trust me i am real talll so i think this quiz isn't accurate cause i hardlly have a girls cheer up and stop taking stupid quizs like this.......

  • Why would someone want to be fat?

    Brat 123021
  • I am 98% fat. I want to get so much fatter. I am thinking of becoming a gainer

    Dreaming bug
  • 88%! I have a big round muffin top and a pouchy belly, I love to jiggle it and feed it! My S.O. force feeds me and it's SOO nice, being fat is the easy life tho

    • Oh my God...I feel you. My so says the same. ' you need to eat babe" but I do t feel hungry and you just made a comment about my "fat face " the other day. So how can I feel like I should eat in front of him. Idk.. maybe just my so being a jerk but I still sit here fat as hell and hungry

  • 98% is so true. I really don't care how fat I get to be. I wish you could tell me if I had problems.

  • 92%!! The quiz told me I need to lose weight but I won’t be doing that. I love my big jiggly belly!

  • Well, 84% of REALLY fat (that was my result) was a dream to be but I'm only chubby :(

  • I got 98%. So true, I am a gainer and I love my rolls

  • Btw I got 97% need to lose and 0% you are fine and need to gain.

  • 91% need to lose weight

  • 97% but I wish I could get fatter'

  • i am 99% fat which is so true except maybe 1000000000% fat!


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