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  • "Your Result: You are an "Outgoing" MySpace User


    You are an €outgoing€ MySpace user. You really like MySpace and tend to…"

  • "You are 0% fat!

    Fit: You're fit, nothing else to it. You should gain some weight, you'd look better but if your really happy then…"

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  • "Your Result: 1980s 93%

    You have a great taste in music and people can find MJ, Hall & Oates, Madonna, and U2 in your music…"

  • "Nah bro thats totally normal your not underweight, when I was your age I was 90 something 5 foot something and I was skinny according to…"

    In response to wazzabi:

    "i got 12% :-/ im not underwieght tho im 12 5' 1"…"

  • "If you wanna gain weight then you should eat avacados and tons of different fruits and meat, but if you want a easier way then you can…"

    In response to panzer:

    "I want to get fat how do I get fat I am 10 and a…"

  • "Well this is a lie lmao

    Fat people dont live longer, and just because your heavier doesnt mean youll have a happier life or live a…"

    In response to Belly_Boy:

    "Please learn about fat.

    Fat people…"

  • "Cause some people think its attractive? Its not that hard to understand imo lol."

    In response to Brat 123021:

    "Why would someone want to be fat?"

  • "Dont share your phone number online dude!!"

    In response to Daniel fox:

    "I'm looking for a a girl to date I am 13 my number…"

  • "This is kinda concerning lol, I mean... 13 years old and 220 pounds..? I guess its fine as long as your happy but you should care about…"

    In response to Fatty Jazzi:

    "I got OBESE!!!! I'm soooo proud of myself! I do…"

  • "All the results lol
    Your Result: Morbidly Obese 93%

    You feed your girl until she is ready to explode. You love to get lost in…"