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Are you sure you want to know!? The true quiz to know if you are fit, thin, skinny, average, slightly chubby, chubby, very chubby, overweight, or obese. The top 10 most common categories, which one will you belong to.

Do you think you could do it? Without chickning out. Are you afraid to really know what you are. Comment the me what you think. I LOVE feedback!! Let's go!!!

Created by: Marissa
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  1. If someone were make a remark about your weight in the hallway would they say..
  2. How big is your arm!?!
  3. Sit down, lean folward, how many rolls do you have
  4. Stand up and look down (yes I said STAND UP) what do you see?
  5. I weigh..
  6. I eat until...
  7. What do you see when you look down to button your jeans?
  8. When you sit down does your belly hang over your pants?
  9. When you walk does your belly jiggle?
  10. How many fat lines do you have standing
  11. How many meals do you eat a day
  12. How many snacks do you have a day
  13. What kinds of snacks do you eat?
  14. How often do you exercise?
  15. Are you comfortable with your belly showing?
  16. What would happen if you tried to fit into a S: Small top?
  17. What happens if you try on short size 00
  18. Can you see your belt
  19. Can you see your belt

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