How fat will you make your girl?

Boys love all sized girls, from skinny to obese! There are so many girls out there.... HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHERE TO START!?

How fat do you like your girl? Is she skinny or obese!? Take this descriptive quiz to fiiiiinnnddd oooouuuutt!

Created by: Gizmo
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  1. You see a girl running towards you, her belly sticks out a little over her pants and jiggles a bit.
  2. You get a date with a feedie. You take her to burger king and stuff yourselves silly. Her button suddenly pops, you put your hand on her bloated stomach and say...
  3. You're girl's stomach gets stuck under the table. You...
  4. Your girls belly is now at least 90 lbs and it won't fit in any of the pants you can find her how do you fix this problem ?
  5. You wake up one day and look at your girlfriend to suddenly see that what was once her slightly chubby belly is now a jiggly and wobbly ball of glorious fat, that sways every movement. She tries to put on a shirt that fit her yesterday, before she suddenly exploded into a load of lard, and it rips at the seams. Her gut hangs way below the bottom of the shirt and every other part of her body is also jiggly and fat. You...
  6. She has gained a hefty 30 pounds! She is beginning to get huge! You love every new pound and find it fun to play with her fat. She is beginning to outgrow her jeans, and when you get inside the car, they unbutton. Her mom looks down at your new, slightly bulging, belly and comments
  7. What type of stomach does your dream girl have?
  8. Your thoughts on immobile?
  9. Your girl can't find any pants at the store. What do you say?
  10. She is now 449 lbs. How do you celebrate her rounding the corner of 500?

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Quiz topic: How fat will I make my girl?