Sleepover with piggy characters! Part 2?

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Hi, Olaf's here! and today, I made a quiz that is SLEEPOVER WITH PIGGY CHARACTERS! This is not only for girls and boys, Also for kids because i'm a kid!

You heard a loud noise and saw a girl, The girl invite you to her sleepover. Who are your sleepover friends? And what will they think of you? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Olaf's animation

  1. You are playing piggy, But Somehow you heard a noise.You dumply go check out.It was Olaf... How do you react to this?
  2. Olaf, comes in.Olaf: Hi, I'm Olaf! Nice to meet you!You: What are you doing here?Olaf: *laughs* You are coming to sleepover with a few friends.How do you react to this?
  3. You goes to sleepover! You see many people...Willow is burning mimi's books because she think books are boring.Foxy and Clowny is dancing in the top of the table.Penny and george is challenging the hot sause challange.Bunny and pony are fighting for a carrot.Zizzy is practing fancing.Doggy is digging bone.How do you react to this?
  4. Everyone introduce their selves...I'm zizzy!I'm pony!I'm willow :5I'm Doggy!I'm bunny!I'm george!I'm penny!I'm foxy nice to meet you!I'm clowny!Olaf: ok guys we're going to watch a movie!Clowny: Funny one!Penny: Nope, Horror!Bunny: Drama :3Doggy: What about you? Newbie?How do you react to this?
  5. Piggy characters watch the movie that you choose.And then......Olaf: Ok! Everyone have to sing a song!Foxy: friendsBunny: secretClowny: freakshowPenny: copycatgeorge: no placeDoggy: tickingZizzy: HeroPony: on my ownWillow: Why we loseHow do you react to this? (Or what will you sing?)
  6. Memory joined the sleepover. Olaf kicks memory out of the severHow do you react to this?
  7. Olaf: Ok! Dinner's ready!How do you react to this? (or Which group will you sit?)
  8. What will you make for the dinner to be fun?
  9. Olaf: Ok, Guys time for sleeping!How do you react to this? ( Or who will you sleep with?)
  10. Do you like the quiz? No effect ...

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