will i be fat in 5 yeaars

There are many obesse teenagers in the world and this has become a major chrisis many at childhood discover bad eating and liveing habits that dont effect them but once they start t turn 13-15 ears age many diffrent changes will occure with weight

are you going to watch you healthy sexy and awsome lifestyle be ruined before oure eyes or are you going to take this quiz see youre future and see if you can make a difference in you teenage weight gain

Created by: Eric
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When i weight in i weight?
  2. when you go to eat during large holidays you like too
  3. my basic diet is
  4. when you lay down you see
  5. when wearing the average aged persons sized clothes you
  6. how much exersize do you get per day
  7. ho much sleep do you averagly get
  8. when done eating a average meal you
  9. what do you consider youre self as
  10. if you did curl ups how many could you do until you have to stop
  11. what do you do about youre weight
  12. could you fit clothes on from
  13. do you have a lover that encoureges you to
  14. do you
  15. the most you ever ate was until you were
  16. when you sitt down by your computer with you back straight up against chair and chair pushed in to desk you look down and see

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