How Smart Are You

Test your brain to figure out if you can handle these simple questions. Surprisingly even some people dont know these questions! So tell me.. are you smart? Figure out now!

Once you take this test you will know if you deserve better. If yo are smart you will succeed more I in the future. If you want to figure out if you are smart.. take this test!

Created by: amazon
  1. What time is it if its one minute past 11:59pm
  2. Do you have a job
  3. What is 10x10
  4. There's a test tomorrow and you didn't study! Would you rather
  5. TV stands for
  6. The sun is very..
  7. How do you spell elefant and tishyou
  8. Do you usually get a B+ or better on tests
  9. What's earth when you take away art
  10. What is your favourite colour

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