how well do you know Warriors Cats?

Some people are very smart! Some other people... not so much.... MAYBE YOU'RE ONE OF THE SMART ONES!!! Or one or the not so much... BUT THIS IS ONLY ABOUT WARRIORS CATS!! So its not your iq or anything....

Take this quiz and figure out if you are in ownership of a super spectacular awesome epic brain, or if you need to hit the books... well figure this quiz out and you can figure out with the despriction thingy!

Created by: Laurel Shaut

  1. What is Firestar's kittypet name? And two why do people like him so much?! Just comment on the quiz.... or something...
  2. Who attacked Firestar when he was a kittypet?
  3. Who killed Redtail?
  4. Who are the "three"? The three cats in the prophecy!
  5. What do the cats call roads, cars, and humans?
  6. Who is Fireheart's nephew?
  7. Who is Firestar's sister?
  8. Who drove Windclan out of their territory?
  9. Which is a real prophecy?
  10. Who is Midnight from The New Prophecy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Warriors Cats?