How much do you know about the Warriors World?

Do you really know the Warriors Clans? I've read it twice, so I know, but do you? Take this awesome quiz to test your memory and warriors facts that you may be familiar with.

We will quiz on some cats like Brightheart, Pinestar, Bluestar, Leafstar, and Tallstar. We will review the Warriors code a bit and ask questions about the ancient Clans. Are you ready?

Created by: Carolina Dereet
  1. Who are Graystripe and Millie's kits?
  2. When all journeying cats reach their new home by the lake, who does Tallstar make Clan deputy right before he dies?
  3. Who are Brightheart's first litter of kits?
  4. For ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan, leaders having a mate and kits is allowed. True or False
  5. The Warrior code states that:
  6. Leopardstar from RiverClan's warrior name was:
  7. SkyClan left the forest long ago. Why did they leave?
  8. Who was the first medicine cat from ShadowClan?
  9. Who was Pinestar's mate?
  10. Who was Bluestar's sister? Who was Bluestar's sister's son? (the place your answers are in counts) ex. Firefern, Stormfur (firefern is Bluestar's sister stormfur is fireferns son not real answers)
  11. Moth Flight's mate was Micah True or False?
  12. Tawnypelt is Tigerstar's sister. True or False?
  13. Squirrelflight is Bramblestar's mate
  14. Ashfur liked Squirrelflight
  15. Leafstar's mate was Billystorm
  16. Yellowfang's son was Raggedstar

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Warriors World?