What Warriors clan are you in?

Warriors, by Erin Hunter, has captivated many people to imagine what their life would be like if they were a cat in one of the four Clans in the forest.

Have you wondered? Where would you be in the world of the Clans? Proud and independent like Windclan, cunning and loyal like Shadowclan, strong and motivated like Riverclan, or brave like Thunderclan? Now you can find out!

Created by: Zt
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you enjoy doing?
  2. Who is your enemy?
  3. What clan do you want to be in?
  4. What is your ideal prey?
  5. If you were not a Clan cat, what would you be?
  6. What is your pet peeve?
  7. How do you attack?
  8. You fall in love with a cat you shouldn't fall in love with-who?
  9. Who do you save in battle?
  10. An apprentice has just been pushed into the lake by an evil rogue. One cat rushes to help, but is soon floundering about in the water too. Another cat rushes to help and pulls them both out of the water. Who are you in this situation?

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Quiz topic: What Warriors clan am I in?