black to the future

My quiz lets you see the black person with in you. See if you are far off your roots. Don't be scared by these results you can't stop being you but this shows you if you are being real work it girl.

The black to the future isn't the smarest title but it goes straight to the point. It say are we the black people of america loosing are ways what hell na lets see.

Created by: amazon

  1. what is your favorite falvor of Kool-aid
  2. what do use cooking liquid do black people keep on there stove
  3. what is your favorite colthes to wear
  4. who is your favorite rapper/singer
  5. favorite tv show
  6. favorite movie
  7. what is your favorite sport
  8. what is your favorite thing to do with your friends
  9. who is your favorite wayan brother
  10. favorite type of music
  11. who is your favorite WHITE singer
  12. do you have any black people that don't help you with your work
  13. do you like white people

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