Beautiful Love part one

This is the future where wars dominate many's life's. In your particular area, a nuclear bomb had exploded. You are fine, but your mom, the only survivor in your family, is severely injured, and needs your help every day. As many were killed or injured, some were made into freaks with inhuman abilities.

The guys are: Brian, the sweet mysterious guy. He is tall and a bit emo. His hair is black, covers one eye, and spikes up in the back. His eyes are an ice cold blue, and he is toned well in the muscles. Chris, the shy guy joker. He is your height with green eyes. His hair is short and brown. He loves animals and is lean. Anthony, the bad boy protective type. He is a bit taller than you, and a biker. He owns a black motorcycle and has blond flippy hair. He has violet eyes, and can get a bit rude. He is obviously the brawn!

Created by: Flip Flops
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  1. You are walking through a park with your head down hoping that you won't be noticed. Your mom's house is just a little farther away and you need to make it without some weirdo seeing you.
  2. You see eyes glint in an alley just 3 yards away, not good by your part. All you have on you is a knife!
  3. A guy steps out of the alley way. He looks at you and you freeze. He has violet eyes! That's not common, even in the nuclear freaks!
  4. He laughs at your dumbfounded expression and winks. You here a thud behind you. You twirl around, but all you see is glowing green eyes, the rest of the thing was hidden by the tree's shadow. For that reason you whipped out your knife and held it in front of you.
  5. There was another thud behind you, accompanied by hysterical laughing. You look over and see violet eyes on the floor laughing.
  6. You cock your eyebrow and just stare at him. Another guy comes up behind him and says, "That won't help you much."
  7. Violet eyes gets up and says, "As much as you wish we're not here for you honey bun." And then he laughs again.
  8. You turn and slowly back away. But that's the problem, you hit another freak!
  9. The other guys break into scary growling, as the person puts his hands on your shoulders.
  10. And that's it! If you want to have me continue please rate and comment! 'no effect'

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