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  • Unlike most of the haters, I thought this was a pretty awesome quiz. :) I don't always listen to Beyonce, but I think the description was pretty good. (goody-goody two shoes and proud of it!).

    @all the haters: first of all, don't hate if you can't imitate. If this was such an inaccurate quiz, then go make a better one. Secondly, if it was such a terrible waste of time, why did you take it in the first place? And third of all... Please check your spelling and grammar. No one is going to take you seriously if you speak "goodly English". Thanks! ;)

    Alegna Mar 16 '11, 5:20PM
  • coolz..i got holiday by green day.i love that song

    Bloody_spike Apr 7 '10, 9:00AM
  • i don't listen to Beyonce, but the description is right.

    Nice quiz 9/10

    animals1234 Feb 21 '10, 11:27AM
  • I absolutely hate Miley Cyrus...she isn't gud at singing...even though Party in the U.S.A is stuck in my head

    watrmelonz Feb 13 '10, 1:38AM
  • Feh...this is rediculous. I don't like the music there either...and what's a prefance?

    Erua Dec 15 '09, 1:57AM
  • Yo i hate Hollister and Aeropostle they have ugly clothes. i shop at 579 and siren. They have cute and sexy clothes. I love the store!!

    KK123 Dec 10 '09, 10:28PM
  • i hate green day more than anything. at least it was my last one...

    jackarooster Dec 4 '09, 9:23PM
  • I got Uprising by Muse. I love Muse but I hate the new album! >:P

    Bambi Nov 20 '09, 12:48PM
  • wrong never heard that song by "greenday" dont listen to any of the listed music types and the description doesnt fit me at all

    MYRASOSWEET Nov 16 '09, 8:01PM
  • Haha! Awesome! Holiday by Green Day! Nice quiz 31 bananas!

    rachcab21 Nov 11 '09, 11:38PM
  • I love Holiday!! Green Day rocks :)

    Anastasia Nov 11 '09, 1:27AM
  • Holiday by Green Day. It doesn't describe me well, but it's the only song choice I like, and I used it for my year book quote, so, nice quiz!

    punkrockwerewolf Nov 10 '09, 7:05PM
  • peh. I don't drive a convertible, don't like Miley Cyrus, or shop at Aeropostale OR Hollister!! peh.

    Ganbatte123 Nov 10 '09, 6:44PM

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