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  • wanna add me on myspace
    "o wow."
  • Does he like me?
    "but i dont want 2 tell him in person im 2 scared man. How do i find out if he likz me without asking him or having a friend ask him or askin..."
  • "Ok well here answer these questions: (1.) What iz ur fav thing 2 do? (2.) What do u like about urself? (3.) What do u do in u"
  • Please take!
    "Oh cool does anybody have a youtube or myspace? Well my youtube is kellykhoe23 but i dn hav a myspace yet."
  • Problem...
    "Well he doesn't seem 2 be worht ur time but if u talk 2 him mor n then maybe u will have a chance wit him : ) WEll i know how u fell becuz i..."
  • Does he like me?
    "Oh yesturday it waz cold outside n i gave him a hug : ) it waz awesome! oh n he sits by my table at lunch n him n his friends do stupid thin..."
  • NEW BF!!!
    "O dats cool!! :) Well if u have any advice on having ur crush ask u out plz tell me. Cuz i think he likes me but i don't want 2 ask him myse..."
  • NEW BF!!!
    "oh im so happy for you!! Thats great congratz girl!!! : )!!! "
  • "srry im straight 2"
  • "AM straight 2!!! : )"
  • Does he like me?
    "LOLZ!!!!!! wat do u think?? post ur commentz below!!!! OK Lets go!! : ) : ) : )!!!"
  • "1. most of my friends r girlz. 2. pizza, grilled cheese & chicken fingers. 3. P.E 4. a model just because it look"
  • "Omg dats crazy"
  • sux for me
    "Well he cant help it if he's lik dat i mean really itz not lik he choose's 2 be dat way so don't look at dat just look at his personality an..."
  • sux for me
    "Well if the guy is bi girl u should stay away... I mean for real but if u really like him then go for it. But ur sayin that he had sex with ..."

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