Many girls wonder "Does he like me". Some girls have the nerve to ask him out her self. Some girls tell him she likes him, but don't ask him out. Many girls just like him but keep it to them selves.

Witch one of those girls are you? Will you tell him you like him? Or will you just tell your friends a nd don't tell him? In a few moments you are about to find out if he likes you!! Enjoy!! :)

Created by: Alyssa

  1. Does he look in your eyes when you talk?
  2. Does he ever call you?
  3. Do his friends talk about you with him?
  4. Does he know you like him?
  5. When you guys talk, does he start the conversation?
  6. Does he give you gifts.
  7. Does he stare at you?
  8. Does he ever ask you to go somewhere with you?
  9. Has he ever touched you?
  10. Lastly, Does he always want to be near you.

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