could you handle a long distance relationship?

are you having a long distance relationship then if you are this is the right quiz for you it gives you statements which you have to answer true or false to.

are you willing to go on a long distance relationship well go ahead and take the quiz you might learn something anout your long distance relationship. tell me what you think of it.

Created by: amazon

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  1. i need to see my boyfriend every day.
  2. i worry my boyfriend will cheat on me
  3. hes rubbish at calling when he says he will
  4. im too young to tie myself down with a long distance relationship
  5. im too lazy to write letters and text him
  6. boys often flirt with me and i cant promise i wont give into temptation.
  7. i hate it when we go out as a gang and everyone but me has a boyfriend
  8. waiting to see him every few weeks would be a massive drag.
  9. making myself look cute for our webcam chats is a pain i dont enjoy it.
  10. i often wonder if doing whatever it takes to make our long distance relationship work is worth the effort

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