How do you handle relationships (choose your story)

People treat their partners differently depending on their age and personality. Sometimes there are fights and tantrums, or sometimes not. It depends on how you handle a relationship

Are you a compatible empathetic person or a selfish control freak? Find out in this test as I help you to become a better lover. (sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes)

Created by: CJCookie

  1. You're about to go off to your partners house, but you parents ask where your going. You say:
  2. Your parents let you go. On the way you see a flower stand selling roses. You:
  3. After deciding on what to do at the flower stand, you walk on. You see something you really want in a shop window. You:
  4. You're getting a little tired and sit down at a park bench. A really attractive guy/girl sits next to you and asks you out for coffee so you say:
  5. After your energized you go for lunch at McDonalds. What do you order?
  6. After your energized you go for lunch at McDonalds. What do you order?
  7. Now after you get whatever asked for (could be nothing) You pick one of these paths to your partners house:
  8. You finally arrive and knock on the door, your partners parents answer and ask who you are, you reply:
  9. Your partner's parents let you in, and even better they left to the grocery store! So you have the house to yourself with your partner and can do whatever you want. But what room do you go to first after you present any gifts/food you bought to your partner?
  10. What do you talk about while your there?
  11. It's time to go, what do you do before you leave?

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Quiz topic: How do I handle relationships (choose my story)