What do the FMA characters think of you?

I know there are some Fullmetal Alchemist fans out there. You guys aren't allowed to hide anymore, for I have finally created a quiz that is FMA based! This is a new series, so hopefully you like this one.

I may not get the character's personalities right. Please forgive me, I fail at doing that. But come on, who cares, right? This is FMA i'm talking about.

Created by: amazon
  1. You calmly wander the streets of Central, your hands stuffed into your jacket. No one was out there, as far as you could tell. You turn a corner, and there they are; Edward Elric, Greed, Insanity, Roy Mustang, and Envy. What is your first response to them?
  2. Whatever you said made them all stop what they were doing, just to turn and see who the hell would try to talk to them. Envy, aka the palmtreehead, casts a glare at you. Roy, Ed, Greed, and Insanity all just glance at you. "You again. Great." they all say in union, before glaring at each other. You.....?
  3. Greed looks at you again, blinking. "Well, at least she hasn't lost her-" Before he can finish his most nice comment, Insanity tackles Greed, causing him to yelp and stop speaking. Ed pulls Insanity off Greed, (although with some difficulty), and merely nods at you. Roy watches, only amused. Envy smirks a bit.
  4. Greed scrambles up, his hair all messy. You begin to run over, but you suddenly trip over something. Looking up, you see a sneering Envy. Roy snaps his fingers, and Envy's hair is set on fire, causing him to yell, "MY FREAKING HAIR!!" You get up, brushing yourself off. Ed is busy leaning on a wall, reading a book. Insanity sits on the floor, clearly ticked off, while Greed inspects his glasses. You think...?
  5. Ed finally begins to speak up. "You're probably wondering what we are doing all together." he says, tossing the book to Roy. You nod. "Well. It's quite easy. We're trying to bond." Greed cuts in, putting his glasses on. You raise an eye.
  6. My hand hurts. So i'm leaving you all with a CLIFFHANGER. >:D I'm sorry if it sucks.

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