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this quiz is based on the awesome show icarly and involves some brain thinking AND revisiting memory its based on your knowledge of the show and hope you like it my brother helped

do you think you can handle the quiz its pretty good but for it to work you need the icarly knowledge to get you through it hope you make it through good luck

Created by: amazon

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  1. Who is Carly's chow host
  2. Who fights Shelby Marx
  3. Who is Spencers arch enmeny
  4. What type of costum was Freddy wereing in iCristams
  5. which character rollerbladed into a dumpster
  6. what does spencer win in iquit icarly
  7. which apartment is considered "haunted"on i screem on halloween
  8. what does sam through at carly in groovy smoothie on episode i quit icarly
  9. what is the manager in groovy smoothie selling on the the stick thats already got a hole in it
  10. whats carlys favourite band

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