How Well do YOU know icarly?

You did great! Even if you sucked, you can do this quiz again after you watch more of the show, but hey not everyone is smart!!!!!! Thank you for taking this quiz!

Do you everything there is to know about iCarly? Well take a few minutes to find out if your smart or not. Well take this quiz to see if you know everything there is to know about!!!!!!!

Created by: Megan
  1. What is Sam's real name?
  2. Who does Freddy like?
  3. what is Spencer's job?
  4. Who is Spencer?
  5. What does Gibby do a lot?
  6. Neval loves who?
  7. How many episodes are there all together? (P.S. I know it!!!)
  8. How many seasons are in iCarly?
  9. What is the first episode?
  10. What is the episode iPie about?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know icarly?