What is your icarly IQ?

This is a quiz about icarly. The fun i carly shows are so entertaning that i watch them evry day almost! So, I decieded to make an icarly quiz. enjoy it!

How well do YOU know icarly?Have you watched any hows? Do you have a memory of them? well, The lower score you get, leads me to this answer..... Watch the re runs!!!

Created by: Carly Girl

  1. Did Sam and Freddie ever kiss?
  2. How many times has Sam gone to the dentist?
  3. Who is Gibby?
  4. Who is Spencer in realation to Carly?
  5. Whats Spencers name in Real Life?
  6. Does Miranda Cosgove play Carly?
  7. What did Carly feed Baby Spencer?
  8. In real life, who is older? Sam or Carly?
  9. What is sams favorite color?
  10. Was thier a show called igibby?
  11. Who likes Carly?
  12. Does Spencer make weird art?
  13. Who is Carlys and Freddies Doormans name?
  14. Who is icarlys enimy?
  15. Who is icarlys biggest fan?
  16. Does icarly have a green screen?
  17. Did The Principal of the i carly casts show come out of a shirt?
  18. What was their first eposode about?

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Quiz topic: What is my icarly IQ?