Calling All Chima Haters!

Ah, yes. CHIMA. Don't you just love saying that name over and over? Some of us curse it. Others bless it. Still others just don't care(LIKE A HONEY BADGER!).

You may think you are the person who hates Legends of Chima more than anyone else. And you might be. But how does one oficially determine it? By taking this quiz, of course! I know one thing. That is that I am a true Chima hater. Oh, I watch Chima, but that is only because I like to insult the characters. How about YOU? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: amazon

  1. True or false: In episode one of Chima, the plot line was really messed up and unclear.
  2. What do some people compare Chi to?
  3. Why in the heck was Crooler wearing a bikini in the middle of winter?!
  4. What do some people say Chima is a cheap knockoff of?
  5. AAAAAHHHH!!! What was I thinking when Eris was kidnapped?
  6. About how many Chima haters/ Ninjago fans are on Earth?
  7. What is my opinion of Chima fans?
  8. Should Chima haters be civil to Chima lovers when they hate one another equally?
  9. Do I own any Chima sets?
  10. Which of the folowing would a Chima hater rather kiss (if they're female; if you are male, just pick your favorite person)?

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