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  • For me it said Yugi. My friends noticed me watching YuGiOh and sat down beside me. One of them said "You know.. I like the periwinkle haired one (Ryou)." Then my other BFF said "Ha ha, I (put emphasis on the the "i") think ___ (my name) should like that guy! The small dude with the flower hair (sweet little Yugi)! And they both agreed. Let's just say I froze and fell off the couch as they proceeded to look at my sketchbook pages. Sure enough, they made me take this quiz, and that was my answer. Sweet little Yugi. They laughed. So did I. I love those silly chics.

  • Marry to Yugi then later to Bakura. ^^

  • I wish you had Seto Kaiba on there.

  • Awww i wich Atem (Yami) was in the results ;( but i am happy i got Yugi :)

  • O...so sweet ..supr love this quiz i got Yugi n later Bakura..heh.^~^


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