are you a griffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, or slytherin

This quiz will sort you as well as the sorting hat into griffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin, and ravenclaw. which on will you be. Take this quiz and find out. Its just a click away.

Which one will you be? are you the smart ravenclaw or rebellious slytherin. you might be the brave griffindor or the sweet hufflepuff. what are you waiting for. hurry up and take the quiz.

Created by: amazon

  1. Which house is your favorite
  2. What do people describe you as
  3. What's your favorite animal
  4. Do you want lord voldemort dead
  5. If someone snatched you wallet away, what would you do
  6. What if the wallet snatcher was lord voldemort
  7. Do you know the square root of pi
  8. Are you bored of this quiz.
  9. What type of person is usually your crush
  10. What's your favorite song out of these.
  11. will you rate and add a comment? Thank you for the ones who say yes.
  12. Thank you for taking my quiz.....
  13. who do you find most attractive(for girlies only)!!!!!!!!!
  14. okie!!!!! now for the guys! who do you find most attractive
  15. ugh!!!!! let out ur anger!!!! who do you hate most
  16. ur best subject at skool

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Quiz topic: Am I a griffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, or slytherin