Are you like me?

To tell the truth, I'm a very unique and special individual. So that got me to wondering... Is there anybody out there that's like me? You could be my twin, for all I know!

I put a lot of questions so this would be more accurate. I started out making a level up quiz, but then I got really into it, and now I'm curious... What will you get?

Created by: amazon

  1. What's you're fave color?
  2. How long is your hair?
  3. What color are your eyes?
  4. What grades do you make?
  5. Are your parents divorced?
  6. What grade are you in?
  7. Are you a boy or a girl?
  8. Do you have a crush?
  9. What letter does your crushes name start with?
  10. Is your BFF crazy?
  11. Do you have a pet?
  12. What is your fave animal?
  13. What is your room like?
  14. How old are you?
  15. Are you a beleiver of God?
  16. Do you like Justin Beiber, even after all this crap?
  17. What color is your hair?
  18. Do you have freckles?
  19. Do you have acne?
  20. Do you wish you were skinnier?
  21. Was this BORING?

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Quiz topic: Am I like me?