How unique are you? (100% accurate)

Unique, a term which describes how different a person is. Qualities that a person does not share with anyone else. Individual uniqueness makes our world so diverse and fun. We are no mere copies but a combination of vibrant qualities.

But, some us at different stages of our life feel that we are just ordinary. We have no special quality. This quiz would let your true self come before you, and would make you aware that there is NO one as special as you. Go forth...

Created by: aadee

  1. What is your eye colour?
  2. What is you hair colour?
  3. Which colour do you prefer?
  4. What would your friends describe you as?
  5. How are your grades at school?
  6. Which genre of books do you prefer?
  7. Which type of music do you prefer?
  8. Which animal do you like?
  9. Which season do you like?
  10. Do you feel you have some sixth sense?
  11. How many siblings do you have?
  12. Do you feel you are unique?

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Quiz topic: How unique am I? (100% accurate)