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This is a Sorting Hat quiz sorting you in a quite unique way, right? Ravenclaws, Gryffindors, Slyterins, and Hufflepuffs do all possess their own qualities. Which house are you?

Some say, Not in Slytherin, or , Damn it! However, you actually do not have to worry about it. If you're sorted into that house, that's what you deserve for your real personality and features. So let's take this quiz! And see if you are satisfied with your results!

Created by: Amber

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  1. Would you most likely spend time in which of the following shops?
  2. Which Hogwarts professor would you hope to teach your class?
  3. Would you choose which subject to study?
  4. You most pride yourself on--
  5. You find it most difficult to deal with--
  6. Which of the following object would you choose?
  7. Dawn or Dusk?
  8. Moon or stars?
  9. Heads or tails?
  10. Left or right?
  11. Forest or river?
  12. Hermione Granger or Harry Potter?

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