how to tell if a boy likes you

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There are so many guys out there but I might think he is trying really good .He has tryied really hard to get your attention so give him a chance . play hard to get 😎

Give him a chance if he is cute tell him he is cute or something. Play a game with him or something if you like him but let him do most of the work then you. 🙆

Created by: amazon

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he call you names
  2. Does he call you and say it is a axcadint
  3. Does he say bad things about you
  4. Does he do weird things like jugle things
  5. Does he text you random things that don't make sence
  6. Does he talk to you but keeps looking away
  7. Does he ask for advice
  8. Does he star at you
  9. Does he try to be near you
  10. Ask u a question then actually listens to the answers
  11. Asked you questions about your life

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