DOES he likes you? [For Girls]

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DOES he likes you? I mean like,super duper likes you?! But how could you know? Well,you have came to the right Quiz!~!~!~!

Falling in love is what you really want to.It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.It also can be a virtue representing human kindness,compassion,and affection

Created by: KittyWolf

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  1. Have you ever imagine to be with him all over the time?
  2. Have you ever stalks his Facebook or Twitter just to see his pictures? (Pretend that he has if he doesn't even has one ;) )
  3. How old he is?
  4. Is he taller than you or opposite?
  5. Have you ever chat with him?
  6. Have you ever caught him with another girl?
  7. Why do you think that he likes you?
  8. Do you look great all over the time?
  9. How does he acts to you?
  10. Each time you meet him what did he says?
  11. What type of person he is?
  12. If you dropped some books in front of your crush,what do you think he will do?
  13. Pretend that he has 4 girlfriends.You aren't jealous about it but you will...
  14. Has he ever touch you?
  15. When did you guys meet together face to face?
  16. What did you feels when you see him every times?
  17. What will you do if someone hurts him so badly until he drops some manly tears?
  18. Has he ever hang outs with you before?
  19. What will you response when someone said that she loves him in front of you AND he do says that he loves her?
  20. Has he wants your attention always?
  21. Has he ever smiled at you? :-)
  22. OKAY,this question is for girls that having problem with their crush ; Quiet all over the times and never do exciting things together. What do you want to say if you have chance to talk to him?
  23. Has he ever laugh because of 'You'?
  24. Last Question! How come you like him?
  25. Do you like this quiz?

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