(Girls Only!)Does he like me?

Ok, as girls we all know that boys can be very confusing. So, say you like this boy. You're pretty sure he likes you too,but you can't quite figure out if he does.

Does he like you? You have come to the right place sister! Take this quiz and find out if your dream guy likes you just as much as you like him! Have fun!

Created by: Ilovebenji28
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  1. Does he stare at you a lot?
  2. Does he express his feelings to you?
  3. When he talks to you does he hold eye contact?
  4. When he sits/ stands by you in which way do his feet point to?
  5. Does he ALWAYS look and smell nice when he's around you?
  6. When he is with his friends, do they whisper to him? Or wiggle their eyebrows? Anything that resembles teasing?
  7. Does he compliment you?
  8. Does he find excuses for touching you? Example: Putting his hand on your arm when you say something funny
  9. Does he smile at you a lot?
  10. Last one! Do you honestly think he likes you?

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