If you had to choose (For Girls)

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This quiz is to see if you would make the best decisions in life or in a game or something like that. Let me remind you, this quiz is for girls only.

Again, this quiz is for girls only. Now that I said that three times I suppose you all got the message. There might be a second part, but I don't know.

Created by: Byzantium
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  1. Would you either have your tampons/pads fall out of your purse or toilet paper stick to the bottom of your shoe?
  2. Would you rather wear a dog hair-covered coat or wear tights with cat scratches?
  3. Would you rather find a red ketchup stain on the bottom of your pants or find a blue pen stain on your forehead?
  4. Would you rather forget your glasses in math or forget to put deodorant in gym class?
  5. Would you dance to "Single Ladies" with Joe Jonas or do a werewolf growl with Taylor Lautner?
  6. Would you rather work as a trash collector or work at a fish market?
  7. Would you rather get caught with your blanket at a sleepover or have your underwear stolen at a sleepover?
  8. Would you either make-out in front of your parents or start hiccuping mid-kiss with your boyfriend?
  9. Would you rather have your boyfriend dump you for your best friend or for your worst enemy?
  10. Would you rather eat a box of dog biscuits or chug a gallon of pickle juice?

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