How self-absorbed are you?

The world is filled with pretty people, slobs, and those in-between. The pretty people drive us nuts because they cannot put their mirrors down long enough to recognize that the last crunch they heard was your head beneath their foot. The opposite couldn't care less about what others think or how they look...or smell.

This is your chance to take a brief, if unscientific look at the world of arrogance and self-absorption. Are you really that stuck on you or are your friends really just making a fuss? I forget it.

Created by: Asad
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  1. How long do you spend grooming each day? Dressing is separate. So wait for the question.
  2. Here's the dressing question? How long to you take daily to choose, put on, and adjust your clothing?
  3. How many times do you change clothing each day?
  4. How many of the top headlines of the news can you name?
  5. How many things can you remember that your spouse or best friend told you today?
  6. How many things can you remember that your boss or co-worker told you today (or the most recent day that you worked)?
  7. Did the local professional sports club win its last game?
  8. Who won the local political race for mayor or city council (or the county seat)?
  9. Has anyone ever accused you of being arrogant or self-absorbed?
  10. How many sides of an issue that doesn't involve you directly can you see?
  11. Can you stop long enough to consider the other person's point of view in an argument
  12. Name your favorite color
  13. Are you a
  14. How many family birthdays do you know without needing to consult a calendar?
  15. Do you constantly need to be reminded of important dates and personal obligations?

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Quiz topic: How self-absorbed am I?