Do you "A GUY" worry about girls alot?

You may have some wonderful short-term results applying the Love and Respect principles – and praise God for them! But overall we need to ... We believe what best motivates a woman is respect!!!!!

Do you worry about girls? guys worry just as much as girls doUntil now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Deanna
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  1. Do you have a caring heart?
  2. Does it upset you when a girl is in pain?
  3. When someone is hurting a girl do you feel really bad?
  4. When you see a pregnant woman or teen do you hope they are okay?
  5. When someone is phisically hurting a girl does it really make you mad?
  6. When someone is making a girl feel very uncompterable do you wish they would stop?
  7. Do you wish girls are happy?
  8. When a girl has to go to the bathroom really bad. Does it bother you because of the strain she is having?
  9. When you hear a girl say that her stomach hurts alot do you feel bad and wish it does not?
  10. When a girl is nervous or scared do you want to make her feel better and comfterable?
  11. Do you get totally upset when you accidentally hurt a girls feelingd or accidentally hurt her phisically?
  12. Do you feel all of these or most of these emotions?

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Quiz topic: Do I "A GUY" worry about girls alot?