What Is Your Perfect Outfit?

Some girls worry about their outfis alot. They think no onw will like them if they wear something out of place. It's really kind of sad if you know what i mean.

but worry no more! I am here to tell you a look that will fit your personality, so you will feel good in whatever you wear! You will fit in with it! So have fun!

Created by: alliecat
  1. What stereotype would you consider yourself in?
  2. Okay. You go to a new school, and you don't know what to wear. You end up choosing...
  3. Fave color?
  4. When people see you, you want them to think...
  5. Well thats all i nee to know, so the rest of these don't count.
  6. How are you?
  7. Hmmm
  8. Will you comment
  9. will you rate?
  10. bye!

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Quiz topic: What Is my Perfect Outfit?